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Moving to learn and learning to move: This course is specially designed for schools or after-school clubs. We create a group in collaboration with the primary educational institution, which the children attend each week -and follow their individual plan with other children. We play 'training' focusing on the child's individual needs in an inclusive environment.

This course includes activities that promote concentration, body awareness, attention, language and cognitive development. It is a great opportunity for interdisciplinary action between school and parents. We raise the task together and provide common professionalism among staff.

Individual course at school: it is also offered as an individual course for those children who initially need a 'one-to-one' activities.

School readiness screening: we "play" with children through activities that assure us that the foundation for learning is in place. Concentration, hyperactivity, lack of participation, reading and writing difficulties are some of the tasks we take care of. Our unique method and tailor-made programs have already helped many children, families and teachers. Write to us and hear more. 

Daycare centres and kindergartens.

1 to 3 children show remarks in relation to their development at the moment they begin school life.
Our course for children 0-3 and 3-6 aims to strengthen through play and movement, the basic skills children need for an optimal development. We 'meet' the child where it is!
We come to you and do targeted activities with children who need extra help. Some children will need an individual program before they can benefit from group activities. Therefore, we offer group and individual courses.

We use our unique method based on playing activities to work with the four developmental areas: physical, cognitive, social and psychological.

We create inclusion without forgetting the individual development.

All our areas of impact can be combined with courses and lectures for the staff.

Write to us and hear more.


Like many parents, you may be concerned about your child's development. Is it language, motor development, trouble with school assignments or social interaction, our interdisciplinary and holistic approach can help you. We work with children 0-16 years.

Home visit: Individual course, we come to you where your child feels safe and comfortable. Time is agreed on what is best for your child.

In our centre: we make controls and activities in our centre where we have special equipment for the purpose.

At kindergarten or the daycare centre: We make sessions with the child in cooperation with the educational institution. See parents and professionals.

Contact us and hear how we can help / play with your child.


Early stimulation 0-3 years: We organize playgroups for mothers and/or fathers, where you can play with your children through guided activities that promote integral development.

Contact us for information on location, time and prices.