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Our name

The play is the most widespread, important and even more serious activity people can practice through their lives. As you play, you learn "spontaneously" and train the intellectual, physical, social and emotional skills needed for a good development.

Play is the most important instrument for learning and development.
It's natural to learn by playing.

The name LUDIKA derived from Latin "ludo", it means "I play" and represents our working method. Play and movement is our most important tool. When you play, "you express". When you play together, you are "part of ". This is the foundation for our social development and communication.

A need


Behind LUDIKA there are 24 years of work experience in child development at international and local level. 17 years in the Kingdom of Denmark working in the area of ​​motor development and learning ... 12 of them within the Danish public system and dedicated to multidisciplinary work with children who have special needs.
That experience has led us to witness the difficulties that many foreign families face when it comes to obtaining the necessary assistance, counselling and support to their children.
What makes us special is that we bring both our professional background and our personal experience to the job.
We care because we understand. A big or small need, our goal is to provide the optimal conditions for a successful learning and a harmonious life.

​​​​​​​Paula Martinez

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a Physical Education Teacher, specialized in the motor development and early stimulation, I have dedicated my professional life to working with children and their growth.

My work is based on the idea of ​​understanding the 'person as a whole'. My tasks have been focused on helping children with immature motor skills and their influence on a delayed learning. My goal is to contribute to a deeper understanding of the child's development, its meaning for an optimal learning and its relation to intellectual, social and emotional development.

My knowledge is based on a continuous professional development and 24 years of experience working with children in motor development and learning. I have developed projects for international NGOs, private and public organisations. My international experience in the least developed areas has led me to see the difference as a gateway to the new and an opportunity for development. Hence my concern to create a Center where the difference is not the point of view but a point from which to look forward.

Making a difference, whether large or small, has been the engine of my work. Hence my ethical commitment to my profession and the people with whom I have the privilege to work with. This commitment has led me to solve tasks for MSF, UNICEF and sports and educational organizations. I consider that the professional and personal development is a life journey, for that reason I choose the interdisciplinary work which allows me a continuous learning rich in diversity. A diversity that characterizes each of the people to whom I commit myself to work with.

I have been living in Denmark for 17 years and I believe that a good balance is the key to a harmonious life. My free time is dedicated to my 2 children, family and close friends. And to my new hobby: skating. It's never too late to learn something new !.



Best regards

Paula Martínez