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At Ludika, we are on a mission: We want to give your child and your family the best tools and treatment to achieve solid development and well-being. It requires a broad knowledge to be able to adapt programs to the individual child. That is why we prioritize time and endeavour to provide you with research-based programs. And that journey is far from over. 

We have partnered with new, hand-picked professionals - in psychology, chiropractic and eye training.


Prices 2020

  • Assessment study of 90 minutes - price 1000 kr. During the session, I conduct a sensory-motor assessment, a coordination screening and a body analysis, followed by a conversation with the parents. 
  • Single Individual training session of 50 minutes - price DKK 650 
  • Periodic Individual training - price 450 kr per session. The price is valid for a minimum of 5 booked sessions used during 5 weeks unless something else agreed. 
  • Special consultancy for existing customers, price 650 kr per hour. eg meetings with the municipality or school. 
  • Development of special home-training program as well as 1 hour of teaching activities for parents. 2000 kr. 
  • Development of reports in Danish, English or Spanish price 2000 kr. 


We are delighted to informe you about our Neurorehabilitation program RCM available from August 20.