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Interdisciplinary team


LUDIKA aims to optimize their good development. Whether the needs are many or just a matter of a little"push", our goal is to provide the optimal conditions for a successful learning and a harmonious life. Therefore, we based our services on the latest knowledge in neuropsychology and neuropedagogy.

We work in a holistical and multidisciplinary way and have established a solid and competent network of professionals. We have specialists in different areas of child development, within the Kingdom of Denmark, Spain and USA. Our programs are individual and according to the specific need of the child.  

Every child´s needs are special.We can give your child a start and a direction. 

Our interdisciplinary group covers the following areas:


Language and communication
Auditory and Visual stimulation
motor development and awareness
Cognition and learning
Emotional and behavioural


We focus on making the action plan optimal for the child's needs and we ensure that its implementation is efficient in terms of relevance and time.

Our work is based on 3 principles:

KNOWLEDGE. We appreciate a specialized professionalism while maintaining an interdisciplinary and holistic workplace.


CLOSENESS. Physical and emotional closeness to the child and family is the key to our praxis. Building trust and respect is essential in our work.


CONTINUITY. A continuous follow-up and adaptation of the action plan are essential for a professional evaluation and guarantee of the effectiveness of implemented programs.

Join our TEAM

If you are interested in being a part of our team, send us your CV, expertise and personal information and we will contact you as soon as possible. [email protected]